Care and feeding of your new Hooked SUP

The Hooked SUP is made of EPS  (styrofoam) cores surrounded by a PVC foam (closed cell hard type foam) and then surrounded by fiberglass with a painted clear coat finish. This one of the best and lightest built ways to make a stand up board.

General care is minimal!

1) If you get a small ding in your board, I recommend buying C A glue from your local Hobby Shop store. C A glue is what model airplanes are put together with and this glue sticks to anything! You don’t need to sand the board surface at all, just put a dab of the  C A glue (superglue) and also buy the accelerator spray which will make the glue dry in ten seconds or less! I have been using this glue for over 20 years on styrofoam windsurfers and even regular polyester surfboards. This glue looks like clear resin and keeps the board looking good. Put extra layers as needed to make sure board is watertight. This glue is the best thing at fixing boards immediately and keeping the water out of small dings! The glue with accerator spray costs around $10-$15 for the two part system. C A glue works on the fiberglass and PVC foam if exposed. Do not put C A glue on exposed EPS  (white color ) styro foam as it will melt it. Never put anything but epoxy resin/ fiberglass on exposed styro foam. Do not use polyester resin (regular surfboard resin) on the Hooked SUP. Polyester resins do not stick well to epoxy and will melt EPS foam if put directly on it.

2)   NEVER put boards away wet in a board bag and leave exposed to the sun. This can cause extreme heat and steam inside the board bag and cause the board to have problems with the finish of the board. Also do not leave boards in the rain if in a board bag or cover the boards with anything that can get wet and be exposed to sunlight. Extreme heat inside a board bag can also occur inside a closed vehicle. When in doubt about the wetness and heat of a board bag , it is best to take the board out of the board bag and let the board bag dry thoroughly before using it again. Self breathing  Gore-Tex air vent will keep board from blowing up but cannot help the finish of the board in these situations.