Fly Fishing from a SUP Standup Paddleboard

The Hooked Sup is the Best Fly Fishing Sup

because it is such a stable platform. It is known as the “Most Stable Sup” so Stable that you can whip your rod back and forth with very little tipping of the board.

Fly fishing

Gabe Rodriguez Fly fishing

The Flat deck is designed with a full length deckpad let you walk all over the board without tripping on stuff that is in the way. The flat deck gives you an extremely stable platform and feels natural under your feet.
The Flat deck is coupled with a flat bottom “side to side” to help with stability. Vee bottoms or rounded bottoms of boards inherently make them more tippy.
A Third factor also helps in the stability and that is the taller more vertical rails. More rounded or oval shaped rails are usual on surfing type SUP’s but are not as stable as a tall less rounded rail that is found on the Hooked SUP.

Here is a video of Gabe Rodriguez demonstrating how easy it is to Fly fish from the Hooked SUP in Florida.
Gabe is a very Strong guy at around 210 lbs.

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From: Mike Fisher
To: Alex Aguera
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2011 1:08 AM
Subject: RE: pictures

Hi Alex,
I thought I would let you know about the board now that I have had it for a few weeks.
I absolutley love the Hooked. I can not tell you how much but will try.
Remember, I am 6’3″ and 230 lbs. This is the 4th board in our home and it is by far and away the most stable, not even close.
First thing I will say, I am surprised how soft the deck pad is. I was a little concerned with that but very soft and comfy. Bomber too.
I use the board to fish and just paddle around on. I load it up for a day on the water. I get into side chop and never do I feel unstable. I am amazed by this considering how big I am and how big the chop was. My other board could float me and get me through but this board blows it away with its stability.
I am completely blown away by how fast it is for a big board. It is faster or just as fast as the other boards in our home. Very easy to paddle.
I fly fish off of it. I have caught an 18 lb carp with my fly rod from it. No problems what so ever for casting as big as I am. I can walk on the board, turn around and have even stood my big clumsy self on one foot just to see if I could. I also troll with my spinning set up.
I highly recommend this board for anyone big or anyone needing a board for expedition trips. With our short season here in the high country this board will extend my season by weeks on both ends. It is a much drier ride and the “fear” of falling in the cold water is gone.
Anyone second guessing the size of this board and it’s “nimbleness” of this board please have them get ahold of me. I can not recommend this board enough. It is durable and a really nice looking board too.

Alex, my video editing and taking is just coming along but I have some video of my fly casting and will edit and put that together for you. I am absolutley Hooked on fly fishing for giant carp now on the board.
Thanks for a great board.