New 155 Pro Race and 160 All Around Aguera FoilBoards with a Twintip foilboard called the TTF available soon

These are the strongest boards built anywhere!

New Aguera Production boards at Kanaha!

TTF or the Twintip Foil board

These boards are both built rock solid and very lightweight.

  • Carbon decks with superior sandwich composites top and bottom for less denting
  • 5 hole footstrap placements for extra positioning for your particular riding style and weight.
  • 155 is 155cm (5’1″) x 49 cm (19.5″) at about 8-9 lbs
  • 160 is 160 cm (5’3″) x 54cm (22.25″) at about 9-10 lbs
  • Board colors are sanded carbon finish with either the Red , Green, or Yellow stripes as seen in these pics

Special order Boards can also be purchased with Tuttle box placements at:

  • 8″ from tail (measured on the bottom to back edge of Tuttle opening) for Go Foils
  • 10.5″ from tail for Sword 2’s
  • 12″ from tail for Spotz 2’s and 3’s

Boards have the sanded Carbon look with either green,red, or yellow stripes!

Two 160 All around boards which are the best boards for beginners to learn on!

New Go Foils and Aguera Boards on the beach at Kanaha

Buy Them Online

Complete packages $2700 Choice of 155 or 160 boards with TWO sets of wings, Race style and All Around style wings, Foil body, foil covers, footstraps, and yes, free shipping in the USA!