Help with Footstrap and Wings

1)Use a good rubber mallet to put on the wings and take them off. You can hit them very hard to get them snug by hitting the leading or trailing edge of the wings. The wings are solid !  The key is to use a very good rubber mallet like the “Dead Head ” brand gray mallet sold at The Home Depot.


2)Tightened the wing screws till they are snug and do not over tightened them too much as the collar is where the actual fit and snugness is achieved, not with tightening the screws tighter.

The two screws on the back race wing pedalstal should be tightened very securely but not the single set screws holding the cones on the fuselage.


3)Always tighten tuttle screws very tight though, rake mast back and forth (front to back) and retighten tuttle screws a couple times to get super tight. After riding you can usually tighten tuttle screws even tighter, especially after jumping!


4)Back footstrap is a preference thing, I always like to have it on but many people like to ride without a back one. To get the back strap forward on the 155 and 160 model boards, you can use the tuttle screw that is the longer one of the three and put it through the strap and connect to tuttle base or you can put double screws through the strap and use those places as well in the middle of the two tuttle bolts on the board. Use a screw /drill gun and screw the screws through the strap webbing manually about 1/8″ to 1/4″ outside the standard 2 hole places in the strap with the screw/drill gun. You need to have screws just slightly wider apart in the footstrap than the standard two hole placement so the screws will fit in the hole placement in the board. The inserts are slightly farther apart in the board because the tuttle box is in the way.


5)When first learning to foil, I recommend starting with the straps in the far forward position and move them back from there as you start to get comfortable.


Straps forward equals less lift,


Straps back will give you more lift!

 Footstrap placements are critical for each riders weight and preference for more lift or less lift.  I have 5 hole inserts for the straps so you can move forward and aft. I recommend being forward when you are first learning and then feel whether you want to move back later once you figure it out. A general rule is that heavier riders need more lift than light riders so they adjust straps accordingly.
There are two ways to balance your lift of your foil:
1) is to move straps forward  towards the nose of the board equals less lift and straps back makes more lift
2) On the race tail wing you can adjust lift by tilting leading edge down to add lift or tilt leading edge up which will induce less lift
So with these two ways you can also compensate and adjust the back wing to match if you like your feet in a particular stance. For instance if you want your feet close together and back then you can add lift to the back race style tail wing.
I sell mostly two models of boards (155 and 160 size boards) which are great for learning and if you get the race style wings also, then you can go faster once you figure out how to foil. Having the race tail wing also gives you extra options as I stated above even if you are using it with the All Around front wing which is the one I recommend for beginners to start on..

Complete setups with both sets of wings are $2700 delivered in the states.

Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions to :

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