New 2013 AGUERA  69  S.     Kite Courserace Board
$1700 (board only)                    email:

Aguera 69 S at the 2013 South and Middle American Championships

Adam Withington

Alex in San Fran racing the 2013 North American Championships

Racing at the North American Championships in SF

Alex at the 2012 Worlds

69 S

Here is the latest Aguera raceboard called the 69 S

The newest Aguera Raceboard is IKA registered for the 2013 race season and is utilizing Windsurfing style Steps or Cutouts. These Steps (hence the “S”) free up the board for more boatspeed both downwind and upwind! Cutouts have been proven in Windsurfing for years and also work very well on kiteboards!

The 69 S is priced at $1700 for the board only. Price does not include footstraps or Fins, which can be purchased separately. The board comes with deckpads and the bolts for the fins (1/4″ x 20 US threads) and the Footstrap screws (#12 SS sheet metal screws by one inch long) and washers.

NSI footstraps can be purchased and shipped with board for $23 each strap

Fins can be shipped with board but must be bought separately at either or

I can also purchase Meanline Fins directly for you at $650 a set and ship them with the board. These are the fins I used at the World Championships last year in Italy.

The  69 S model Aguera boards are exclusively built on Maui as to keep very close eyes on the quality control! This virtually eliminates the problems associated with Overseas Production. The “Usual” problems of production are leaking inserts, leaking or crooked Tuttle boxes, delaminations, and/or wide variations of the finished weights of each board.
The current weight of the 69  S  is ranging from 5.6 to 5.8 kgs (12.3-12.75 lbs) without straps and fins attached but including the weight of the Tuttle Bolts  which weigh 3 or 4 ounces.
Just email me at


if you would like to get one. There is much less waiting period in the off season (Winter Months).
Payment can be done with Credit Card through my Paypal account or through a bank transfer. There is a usual 50% deposit to get on the list.

Alex Aguera, 2012 World Grand Masters Champion

This new bad boy is selling for $1550! (board only)

Boat Traffic in the bay!

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