Epes Sargent Photography

Epes Sargent Photography Maui, AA on a 10m Switchblade!

email: alex@alexaguera.com

For Sale

Ozone Edges

Separate pricing of Ozone kites with bag only:
2013 Ozone Edge 7m= $600

2013 Ozone Edge 10 m = $700

2013 edge 17m:$800

All three Ozones for $1600

First come first served
shipping of $60 per separate kite shipping US domestic by Fed EX.

Email me at alex@alexaguera.com

Used 2010 Cabrinha Kites,16M black color Crossbow in good shape without bar


9M Nomad 2011 in good shape without bar


I have a Few Used prototype raceboards also from time to time ranging from older CR 53 models to the latest 69 S Prototypes.


Enjoy the best fishing of your life on the Hooked SUP!

Packed with the features that bring in the fish, the Hooked SUP is your ticket to bringing the fight to the fish!


Go fly a kite!

Have you tried the fastest-growing kiteboarding sport? Kiteboard course racing is fun, exciting, and available anywhere there is water and wind!


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