Here are some of the Rod holders I like to use. I especially like the Cabelas Triple rod holder which has room for three holders, pliers, knives, lures ,etc. I use this to troll or just have three rods on standby for sight casting.
I prefer the quick draw models of the actual holder. They make many different styles like Fly rods, bait casters,etc. The quick draw works nice with spinning reels.
The boards have two placements for Rod holders, one forward and one aft. The attachment is made to the board by 4 screws at 1.25″ long stainless steel #12 size Sheet Metal Screws.
You use a Scotty’s or Cabelas brand deck mount pictured here.

Cables Quick Draw rod holder with Deck mount attached to board

Cables Quick Draw rod holder with Deck mount attached to board

Popular Rod Holder Attachments for the HOOKED SUP

Many different rod holders are available to attach to the standard inserts!

The Fishing Sup ready for a full day on the water

Here are some links to the Cabelas Website where I buy my own rod holders

Scotty’s Triple Rod Holder

Deck Mount for different rod holders by Scottys, Cabelas, Bass Pro shops etc.

Scotty’s Quick Draw Rod Holder

Cabelas Super Light Rod Holder

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