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  • Trey:

    Great videos!
    We have been using our Hooked SUPs on the Peace River here in Florida and are having a great time. One of the things I like about the boards is that they are very manueverable. That is important when fishing or paddling in areas like a river or mangrove where there may be numerous obsticals to avoid.

    I will have to send you some video of our next trip.

    We should hold a fishing contest to see who can catch the largest fish while using the Hooked.


  • Alex:

    Hey Trey,
    Yes, please send some videos!
    Great pictures on the peace river by the way, I put them on the website in a few places..
    I am hoping to be in Florida at the end of the month do start some fishing videos there! Is Snook season open in October?? Need to catch every some redfish too!

  • Jim Raines:

    Where can I buy and/or demo this board on the West Coast (California) ?. This looks like what I need.




  • admin:

    Hi Jim,
    I have a guy up in Seattle, One in San Fran area and one in San Diego area.
    Where are you located in California? Can get you hooked up with one of these guys to check out the board and take it for a demo ride.

    I can also send you one from the Seattle Warehouse immediately too if you would like to buy one!
    Price is $1250 if you can pick it up at warehouse in Seattle + tax of 4.16 %.
    $1400 includes shipping if you want it shipped to you on the West coast anywhere + tax of 4.16%. Let me know.
    I am leaving for Florida to do some fishing videos for a couple weejks on Wednesday, so I might be out of touch occasionally during this period. But could get one off to you immediately if you prefer. I can send you a Pay Pal request or you can pay at my pay pal email account address which is
    Let me know!

  • michael:

    i am in the fort lauderdale area and would love to get me one of these!!! what is the price??? i would like the yellow with grey padding.

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