Strong Boards/Strong Foils period.

Coming soon Mid Summer, Aguera Designs will be going into Mass Production! New look and new Lower Price! Stay tuned..

Adam Withington at Pro Pool with new 155

Adam Withington at Pro Pool with new 155

New All Around foil and board setup for Jimmy Spithill!

New All Around foil and board setup for Jimmy Spithill!

Kite foilboard

160 Pro Foil Board

Very easy to ride Low aspect foil that I call the

“Very easy to ride Low aspect foil that I call the “All Around Foil”, great for learning,waves, and most foilers!”

Don Montague foiling on Maui

Don Montague foiling on Maui

light air possibilities

Foil Boarding in Florida!

Bill Lynch's board all setup on Marthas Vinyard

Aguera Foil

Adam Withington foiling in La Ventana, Baja, Mexico

Zack Marks in really light air in Hatteras

The current foilboard I am making is 5’3″ or 160 long by 22.25″ or 55 to 56 cm. It is a full sandwich board with full carbon deck built just like a raceboard.
Price is $1500 with a tuttle box and $1600 with a plate (board comes with straps). Comes with a couple different color combos of white,orange and yellow bottoms and rails with various deck fade or color options inside the nonskid line. Check this page for more color options

New Race Foil board available also!

$1400 Narrower and shorter for advanced racing allowing the board to be leaned over even farther to windward helping you acheive a slightly higher angle into the wind. 5’0″ x 19.25″ lighter and faster for the advanced foiler.

New Aguera Race Board

New Aguera Race Board

I am also making foils which are $2000 for the foil only. Foil page here
$3500 for the board and foil combo without straps. There are a couple different types of wings I am making depending on what the use of the foil is for like racing, waves, easy lightwinds ,etc.

Please let me know via ,Email at :

Foil Page

Foils and Boards in the shop

Mark Leng's new foilboard (Squamish)

Foilboard page

160 Pro Foil board

Alex Aguera at the North American Championships in San Fran

Foil board in the Shop

Hooked SUP page


Aguera Slalom 60

Hooked SUP on Tampa Bay


 Model AGUERA 69 S available now!

Aguera 69 S raceboard

Aguera 69 S raceboard with Windsurf Style Cutouts or Steps

Adam Withington practicing freestyle

Dog Trainer Damon Overton of NZ pig hunting on the Hooked SUP

The most stable sup in the market

530 lbs on a Standup board!

Only Yellow boards with the Black deckpads are available now. The other color combos are sold out at this time


3 Hooked SUP colors

3 Hooked SUP colors

Hooked SUP- The most stable SUP in the world! $1650!!

Hooked SUP's at Bishops Harbor
Hooked Sup ready to fish!

Hooked SUP is the Most Stable SUP in the World!

All of my Production boards are all made of EPS  and PVC foam sandwich construction which make them light but strong!

Please check the pages on the Hooked SUP and the Kiteracing boards that are winning the Major races Worldwide.

Let me know when I can ship one to you or visit one of my dealers!

Flatwater/Beginner/Fishing SUPs: the closer the water, the more fun! Get HOOKED UP!

The Fishing Sup ready for a full day on the water

Here are just a few reasons why the sport of Staundup has grown so rapidly:

First and foremost, it is Fun!

It is a great workout, especially to your core muscles.

It relieves stress.

Enjoying being out on the water.

There are some drawbacks to riding SUP’s for your first time though.  Most boards are too small or  unstable for the first time rider to get on one and stay on without falling off a lot. This is the  “learning curve” of stand up.

The HOOKED SUP design is a culmination of ideas I have perfected through numerous prototypes to eliminate this learning curve.  It is a very wide stable board with taller straighter rails designed to be less “tippy”
These rails and wide platform are designed especially for flatwater paddling and not necessarily surfing although I do ride it in small surf often.

I put 12 tiedown areas and 2 rod holder inserts for Fishing on this board!  All of these are flush mounted under the full length deckpad so they do not get into they way when not using them!

This board is NOT just for fishing though. I decided to make a great all around board that is great for paddling in flat water, small surf, beginners, as well as larger riders who need a more STABLE board! Some models can also be purchased with a mast track to sail it.

The  HOOKED SUP has many uses aside from being the best FISHING STAND UP board on the market! We have had up to five kids playing on the board at once since it is so stable and has a full length cushy deckpad for added comfort.
So if you want a serious Fishing, Family, Fun, or Floaty beat the “learning curve” board, the HOOKED SUP is just what the doctor ordered!
Contact us
By all means, Drop me a line!

Gore-Tex maintenance free airvent

Don't touch it!

CR Goretex Airvent, Maintenance free (don't touch)

I have attached a picture of the Gore-tex airvent on my boards. In case you are not familiar with one, this is a maintenance free airvent that will breathe out and not let water in! It is meant to be left alone. The reason for an airvent in general is that the boards are made with EPS foam (styro foam) and this foam is very light and has air inside.
The cap of this airvent rotates about 1/10 of a turn back and forth. This does not mean it is loose! It is only the cap and not the bolt itself which the cap is attached to. The cap rotates because it can be very carefully lifted off with a very small regular screw driver in case the plug gets filled with very fine sand. I recommend to not play with this unless it is obvious it is full of sand. I never play with mine!
The BIG advantage of these plugs is that you do not have to worry about your board blowing up from either altitude or heat problems (both are expansion issues).

Also, If you have any damage to board from shipping, you must declare such in the first 7 days after receiving your board. They are packed very well from the factory though!.Always take a picture of damage to the packaging box and board to be on the safe side.

If you have any questions, please ask me!

Many different rod holders are available to attach to the standard inserts!


Catching Largemouth Bass on the Peace River in Florida

Trey Flemer fishing for Largemouth Bass

Ready to fish!

Ready to Fish with Fish bag, rod and anchor!

Hooked SUP ready to Surf or just  Paddle

Hooked SUP ready to Surf or just Paddle


Super Stable!

Packed with the features that bring in the fish, the Hooked SUP is the most stable SUP to fish from!

Foilboards on beach

Go fly a kite!

Have you tried the fastest-growing kiteboarding sport? Kiteboard foiling is fun, exciting, and the best way to kite in really light winds!


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